Vehicle Claim Filing Procedures (University Vehicles)

File all University-owned vehicle claims in accordance to Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-102, R2-10-104, R2-10-106.

The following procedures outline how to file a claim to repair damage to a University-owned vehicle


  1. Police Report:  Damage due to vandalism, hit and run, or an accident with another vehicle, contact the local law enforcement agency to file a police report.  At NAU, contact University Police Dispatch at 523-3611.
  2. Damage Report:  Damage due to any other reason (i.e. backing into fixed object, striking object, weather related, windshield/window damage, etc.) fill out the on-line Damage Report located on the Insurance and Claims Services website.  This report is not a police report and will be forwarded to the e-mail for processing.  If you have difficulty accessing this report or do not have access to a computer, contact the Insurance and Claims Services department at (928) 523-2009.
  3. 90-Day Deadline:  State Risk Management allows NAU 90 days from date of occurrence to file a claim for damage to University vehicles.  Insurance and Claims Services must receive either the police report or Damage Report prior to this deadline to process a claim through State Risk Management.  The State will deny all claims filed after the 90-day deadline.
  4. Windshield Damage: The State has contracted with Safelite to repair all windshield/window damage to State of Arizona government vehicles, including University-owned vehicles.  State Risk Management will pay for the repair of small glass chip damage under $100.  Contact Safelite to arrange glass repair or replacement.  Send the final repair invoice to Insurance and Claims Services at P. O. Box 4067.  Write the claim number on the invoice.  Insurance and Claims Services will send your department's claim to State Risk Management for settlement payment to Safelite.
  5. Auto Body Damage: State Risk Management requires two written estimates to repair body damage to University vehicles.  The department will be responsible to obtain two written repair estimates.  The low estimate to repair must be $100 or greater.  If the low estimate is under $100, the repair costs will be the responsibility of the department.  Provide photographs of the damage - to include a photo of the entire vehicle, license plate, and detail or close-up photos of the damage.  Submit estimates and photographs to Insurance and Claims Services.  Write the claim number on all documents.
  6. State Vehicle Damage Form: Insurance and Claims Services will send the department a State Vehicle Damage form outlining the supporting documents required to submit a claim.  Send this memo back to Insurance and Claims Services, along with the estimates and photographs.  Write the AREA/ORG and FUND CODE numbers, sign, and date the form prior to sending. 
  7. Settlement Check: State Risk Management will send Insurance and Claims Services an insurance settlement check for the repair of the University vehicle.  Upon receipt of the insurance settlement check, Insurance and Claims Services will deposit the check into the account provided by the department.  The department will receive a copy of the deposit transaction as notification of the claim settlement.  If the department prefers, State Risk Management will send payment directly to the auto repair shop.


For more information on Vehicle Claim Filing Procedures, contact the Insurance and Claims Services department, at (928) 523-2009.