Third-Party Liability Claim Filing Procedures

Northern Arizona University is insured for liability by the Arizona Department of Administration Risk Management Division in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes §41-621, et. seq.  This coverage extends to all University faculty, staff, administrators, and registered volunteers while acting within the course and scope of their authorized employment for the University.

The claimant, in accordance with State of Arizona law, must initiate Third-Party Liability Claims filed against Northern Arizona University.  Such claims are governed by the provisions of Arizona Revised Statutes §12-821.01.

Filing a claim

If an individual (claimant) wishes to file a claim against the University for damages to property or injury, contact the Insurance and Claims Unit for a copy of the Notice of Claim Against the Arizona Board of Regents form.  Claim forms are available at Contracting and Purchasing Services, Bldg 98B, during normal business hours, or call the Insurance and Claims Unit at (928) 523-2009 to request a claim form.  These forms are not available on-line.  The Notice of Claim Against the Arizona Board of Regents includes filing instructions.  All completed Notice of Claim forms are sent to the Arizona Board of Regents for assignment to a State adjuster. 

University officials may not act on liability claims, make any representation concerning a claim’s validity, or make any offer of settlement or compensation concerning liability claims.

For more information on Third-Party Liability Claim Filing Procedures, contact the Insurance and Claims Unit at (928) 523-2009.