Stolen Laptop Recovery with Computrace

Available To: Faculty, Staff

A laptop is stolen every minute. You can avoid panic and disruption with tools to trace, protect, disable, and recover your laptop. Computrace, published by Absolute Software aids in the recovery of stolen Macintosh and PC computers and offers an possible remote erasure of a stolen system’s hard disk to protect your information.  

The purchase and installation of Computrace is required on all NAU-owned laptops.  Computrace is included in all the Dell configurations listed on NAU's Dell Premier page.  Additional copies for older systems or for Macintosh Laptops that didn't come with Computrace can also be purchased through the Dell Premier website for less than $80 per system.

The Windows installer for Computrace is included as part of the standard Dell software images distributed by ITS PC Support in C:\_installers folder.  Installers for Windows and Macintosh can be downloaded by ITS Staff and Campus IT Professionals from the windows share smb:// 

On modern Windows-based computers Computrace binds with a feature in the system BIOS to make it very difficult to remove.   Once installed, the Computrace agent software reports in to a central server administered by Absolute Software and reports its status every time the computer boots with a connection to the Internet,.

Computrace assists with recovery of stolen property using geolocation (relating the network address of a device to its physical location)  and provides NAU with the ability to remotely wipe the contents of a stolen system to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive NAU data.

The NAU contract with Absolute Software is administered by ITS' Information Security group.  

Installation issues and support are provided by ITS' PC Support Group through the ITS Solution Center at 523-1511 or online at ServiceNow.

You can read more about the product at Absolute Software's website: 


Can be purchased online at: and is included in all Dell Laptops purchased through the Dell Premier site.

To Use This Service, You Will Need

Purchase and installation of Computrace is REQUIRED for all NAU-owned laptop computers.

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