Server Hosting

Available To: Faculty, Staff

ITS provides general purpose web and database servers to support departmental applications and web pages. If your application or web site can utilize one of these services, there is no fee with the understanding that content of the website and application maintenance is the responsibility of the department.

If for some reason your application needs its own dedicated server, ITS may still be able to host it. ITS offers a range of hosting services which include hosting your application on an ITS virtual server, system administration of your server, and data backup and recovery. ITS also offers co-location services to house departmental servers in the ITS computing facility.

A description of available services and rates is available on the ITS server co-location and server support rates page. For questions about getting your departmental website, application or server hosted please contact the ITS solution Center at 523-1511. 

Training & Documentation

Each principal affiliation will be assigned a default set of IT services.  Additional services may be granted on a case-by-case basis when justified.   Major Affiliation Category   Principal Affiliation   Default IT Services   Credentialed Associate   Credentialed Associat

Server co-location, virtual server, Windows server support, backup & recovery services and prices.