Mobile Device Support Policy

Revision Date:2013-02-27

Revision Number:1.2

Policy Information:

The policies on this page pertain to Faculty and Staff at NAU only. 

ITS provides limited software support for mobile devices, including connection to Exchange email and calendaring for approved devices. Hardware support for these devices must be provided by the vendor; therefore, we strongly recommend obtaining hardware warranty coverage that will last as long as you plan on using the unit, or at least as long as the vendor offers.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows Mobile 5 and above
  • Blackberry 10
  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android*

ITS will support phones with the above operating systems. All other phones are considered unsupported by ITS.

Important: Before ITS can provide support, you must at minimum be able to make and receive calls and browse the internet using your device. If you cannot do both of these, you must contact your carrier to resolve the issue before ITS will be able to help you.

* Requires the purchase of third party software. Also, only syncronization for email and calendar is provided. Contacts are not syncronized.

Synchronizing Your Mobile Device with Exchange Email and Calendaring

Supported mobile devices are allowed to connect to Exchange after agreeing to abide to the Mobile Device Agreement. Some devices require the purchase of a third-party license to connect to Exchange. If you receive an NAU allowance for data service, the cost of the license is covered by the university. If you pay for your own data service, you must also purchase the third-party license to connect. 

Before & After You Purchase

Before purchase: We would be happy to assist with purchasing decisions. Please contact the Solution Center at 928-523-1511 for more information.

After purchase: We recommend reading the owner's manual and reviewing the manufacturer's information on how to use your particular product. Should you have any questions regarding the product, ITS will do our best to answer those questions as they arise.

If the problem has to do with syncing to your desktop or a more involved problem that might need hands-on assistance, contact the Solution Center and a work order will be created for an ITS technician to assist you.

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