WanaCrypt Ransomware Alert

Date Created: 5/15/2017 8:59:12 AM

On Friday May 12, a new ransomware variant was released, codename WanaCrypt0r/WCry. It has shutdown institutions including hospitals and power services world-wide.  The malware exploits a Microsoft bug identified in March and fixed by applying a previously released patch/update.

Information Technology Services has taken actions to prevent such an attack at Northern Arizona University and no incidents of this malware have been reported on university systems.  Actions include releasing patches through Windows Updates, updating anti-virus signatures, and running scans of university-owned systems.

We need your help, though, to remain unaffected.  Please read below, do not open suspicious email attachments and finish applying all updates!

University-Owned Windows Computers:  Apply all critical updates and reboot immediately.

Personally-Owned Windows Computers:  If you have a personal Windows machine, ITS recommends installing all pending critical Windows updates as soon as possible.

Mac & iOS Users:  Mac Users are not currently impacted by this Ransomware and no actions are needed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Solution Center at 523-1511.

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