They Never Give Up: How to Spot a Phishing Scheme, Part 47

Date Created: 9/5/2012 8:46:41 AM

If you received this email shown, we hope you reported it to your system administrator and then sent it to your recycle bin. If you responded and then filled out the web-linked form, well, it's time to review what a phishing scam is. Here's the bait:

Phishing Scam 

But what if you did indeed click that link? The page that results is full of danger signals. First, it looks nothing like an NAU webpage, and in fact is a rather awful design. Secondly, it requests all your information at once: full name, email address, login, password, and password confirmation. Shouldn't some of this already be known to the this "Technical Assistance Team"? Or, if not, why is more than the simple login required?

 Phishing Scam webpage

Finally, remember that no one at NAU will ever send you an email requesting personal information or your login and password. If you ever have any doubts about an email, contact us before you send off your private information in a transaction that you did not initiate.

The tragic fact is that these admittedly poorly crafted scams do work sometimes, enough to justify the time and trouble and risk that these scammers run. Be suspicious of any request for information, and make sure that you know who it's from, why they're contacting you, and never, ever give out anything without fully validating the site you're working with.

In this case, the scammers were pretty dumb, but no matter how sophisticated something looks, keep your guard up.