Enterprise Reporting-FAQ and QuickTips

Below are documents which address our most frequently asked questions. 

Please feel free to contact us at Reporting@nau.edu or by calling the ITS Solution Center at 523-1511 (ask to be transferred to Enterprise Reporting)


QUICK TIPS—General ERS Reports Navigation

How do I:

Know about Academic Structure?

 Create a Short Cut? (Focus is on creating a shortcut to a report and pasting it into your "My Favorites" folder for easy access)

Export my Data? (Focus is on exporting your report to PDF or Excel)

Getting Started in Enterprise Reporting?

Move Reports from Inbox to My Favorites Folder ?

Navigate the Public Report Folders?

Navigate through a Report?

Track changes in Data?

Translate the Student Term to a "term code" 

 Use Compatibility Mode for IE 11?

Use Input Controls? (Focus is on using filters called "input controls" to streamline your report criteria)

Use Interactive Report Filters?

Use Interactive Sorting?

Use Prompts? (Focus is on using prompts to select specific data to retrieve and display in the report)

Use Report Filter Operators?

Use the Search feature? (Focus is on using the search feature to help find the report/data you want)

Use the Snipping Tool?


QUICK TIPS—Report Writers (Advanced Tips)

How do I:



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Business Objects is now Enterprise Reporting! Enterprise Reporting provides institutional information to the NAU community via a secured reporting environment accessing the NAU Data Warehouse.