Security Form Help


Date: Today's Date

Desired effective date for this request: Provide desired completion date for this security request.

NAU Authentication ID: This is your NAU UserID. When you log on to NAU services, your UserID is required for NAU Authentication through NAU’s Central Authentication System (CAS). If you are unsure of your id, call 3-1511.

Name: Enter your full name. Please do not use nicknames or alias's.

NAU Employee ID: The seven-digit number that can be found on the middle right hand section of your pay stub. This is NOT your Social Security Number.

Department: Your current department. This is the department that will be vouching that access to LOUIE is required to accomplish your job duties.

Job Title: Your current job title (e.g. Student Worker, Associate Professor, Administrative Associate).

Work Phone: The work phone where we can reach you.

Manager/Supervisor Name and Phone: Your supervisor’s full name and office phone number. This information is required for your access to be approved.

Email Address: Your NAU email addresses.

FERPA requirement: In order to protect the confidentiality of educational records and students' rights to privacy, and in keeping with federal regulations and standard operating procedures at most national institutions of higher education in the US, NAU has adopted a policy that requires all employees who have access to the student information system to complete a tutorial on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, FERPA. Failure to complete the required tutorial can mean the prevention or revocation of security access to the student information system.

Business Need: A brief explanation of the business requirement for the access (e.g. “to accomplish job duties assigned the payroll department” or “to advise students”).

SUPERVISORS: If you want to have all access removed from an employee or former employee, check here, sign and date form.

Security Roles: This will grant the user a set of permissions. Check the New LOUIE reference sheet for guidelines on security roles.


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How to request administrative access to LOUIE