NAU Human Resources Policy Revisions

Below is a list of new policies proposed or policy revisions being considered that impact employees.

Please check back for updates which will be posted periodically as changes to policy revisions or proposals occur. This page was last updated January 19, 2018.

Benefit Eligibility 

3.01 Benefits  

3.03 Educational Aid

4.01 Holidays

4.03 Sick Time  

Leave Policies 

Summary of Changes to NAU's Leave of Absence and Paid Time Off Policies  

4.02 Vacation

4.04 Extended Medical Leave of Absence

4.05 Family Medical Leave

4.05(1) Bone Marrow or Organ Donation Leave of Absence

4.05(2) Victims Leave of Absence

4.06 Industrial Leave of Absence

4.08 Administrative Leave

4.10 Absence Without Pay

4.XX Extended Military Leave of Absence

4.XX Parental Leave of Absence

4.XX Personal Leave of Absence

4.XX Unauthorized Absence  

Other 2018 Changes 

2.05 Reclassification and Salary Adjustment

2.06 Work Schedule

Visitors in the Workplace