Policies Under Review

Below is a list of new policies proposed or policy revisions being considered that impact employees.

NAU Human Resource Policy Revisions

Policies 4.02 Vacation: Changes applicable to benefit eligible employees (Revision effective date: July 1, 2016)

Primary Intent Change: Policy correction to include 12 month faculty as being eligible for vacation in alignment with ABOR policy.

Secondary Changes:  Update to align Postdoctoral Scholars vacation requirements as changed previously in ABOR policy.  Clarify roles and responsibilities under the policy for employees and supervisors.

New University Policy – Tobacco-Free

NAU News, June 30, 2016: Tobacco-free policy goes into effect July 1

Changes apply to all of the campus community including employees.  Effective date is July 1, 2016.

Primary Purpose:  To create a tobacco and smoke free environment on Northern Arizona University campuses 

For more information visit the tobacco free NAU website.

NAU Comptroller - New Policy Proposal

Collection of Debts Owed to the University by Employees: This is a new policy proposal that is applicable to all employees of NAU.

Primary Purpose: NAU currently has the authority in state statute to collect monies owed from employees. A policy that makes employees aware of the methods by which monies they owe to the university can be paid, appealed or will be collected is needed for the fair and consistent application of available options.

  • Policy Proposal Draft (Effective date July 1, 2016)
  • Request for Review of Account procedure – Coming Soon

Please check back for updates which will be posted periodically as changes to policy revisions or proposals occur. This page was last updated February 25, 2016.