Affordable Care Act Resources

NAU's responsibilities

Monitor hours worked of variable employees to ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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NAU Human Resources:
  • provides marketplace notices to new employees which is done when the employee completes their HireXpress hiring packet.
  • ensures that the benefit coverage for all existing benefit-eligible employees meets the ACA requirements of affordable coverage and benefit value. 
  • established the standard measurement period which reflects a 12-months 'look back' measurement method to determine if an employee establishes full-time status over a one year period.
  • monitors the initial and standard measurement and stability periods for all variable hour employees.
  • offers healthcare insurance benefits to eligible variable hour employees who average 30 work hours or more per week during the measurement period.
  • established the 'hour equivalency' method for part-time faculty.
  • provides guidance to departments and employees as needed.

NAU Department Managers' Responsibilities

NAU department managers shall ensure the ePAR entry and time sheets appropriately reflects all hour worked for hourly/salaried variable employees.  At any time, the department managers can request assistance from Human Resources for additional information on how to calculate the weekly average work hours for hourly/salaried variable employees.

Click on the links below for more information on the NAU's rules for the measurement and stability periods; hour equivalency method; and breaks in service. 

Standard measurement and stability periods

Calculating Weekly Average Hours for Part-Time Faculty

Breaks in service - How do breaks in service impact the average hours an employee works?