Performance management philosophy

Northern Arizona University recognizes the important role that performance management plays in the accomplishment of the university’s strategic goals and priorities. Therefore, the university will consistently manage performance in a manner which holds employees and supervisors accountable for supporting university values, successfully fulfilling assigned job responsibilities, and accomplishing individual performance goals.

With the annual strategic plan providing a framework for the future success of the university, the comprehensive and constant management of individual performance and development will be a critical foundation for that framework on all levels at the university. Specifically, the overall assessment of each employee’s contributions will incorporate these components:

  • job behaviors
  • job responsibilities
  • individual performance goals

Performance management responsibilities

The university, supervisor, and employee have responsibilities to each other.


  • Develop and communicate university goals, mission, and values.
  • Support the process and provide resources.

Supervisor (with employee participation)

  • Develop goals, identifying specific outcomes.
  • Engage in on-going discussion regarding performance.


  • Identify and communicate job functions and standards
  • Communicate behavioral expectations.
  • Observe and document performance.
  • Provide timely feedback regarding progress.
  • Listen to employee input.
  • Provide support and resources.


  • Provide input about own performance.
  • Listen to supervisor feedback.
  • Alter performance where necessary based on feedback.
  • Communicate work environment issues to supervisor.