Timekeeping/Leave Reporting

Employee responsibility
  • Electronic Time sheets must be completed by all not-exempt employees by the payroll processing deadline  
    • Non-Exempt Employees Include 
      • Students/Federal Work Study
      • Part-Time Temporary Hourly
      • Part-Time Faculty - Hourly
      • Benefit Eligible FLSA Non-Exempt
  • Request Leave as needed by or before the payroll processing deadline
    • Leave may be requested in advance up to 365 days in the future.

Supervisor responsibility

  • Review and/or approve hours in your Time and Labor Work Center
  • Review, edit and/or approve any back pay or prior pay period leave requests
    • Supervisors and employees may make adjustments back 2 pay periods
  • Remember Hourly employees may have additional jobs on campus that could result in overtime pay.  Use position query your Work Center to view any additional jobs an employee has.
  • For late hourly approvals submit the employees time sheet with a time sheet transmittal form to your HR/Payroll representative

Additional information can be found on the Time and Labor page

Off-Cycle/Online check request

In the event an employee needs an off-cycle/online check please follow these steps:

  • Submit appropriate documentation to your HR representative.
    • Clearly indicate the reason/need for the request.
  • Complete an Off Cycle Check request form submitted with documentation.
  • Allow at least 24 hours for an Off Cycle Check to be processed