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Northern Arizona University has contracted temporary employment services from Performance Staffing, which provides clerical and office support and light industrial staffing.

Why should I hire temporary employees through an agency, rather than university temporary employees?

  • More flexibility.
  • Northern Arizona University is forced to restrict the amount of time an employee may work as a temporary on the university’s payroll. If you hire the employee through one of the above agencies, you will not need to restrict the amount of time a temporary employee works for you.
  • Save your time.
  • You can reduce the amount of time you spend on payroll processing.
  • Lower costs.
  • The cost to hire a temp through an agency is often lower overall. The temporary agencies pay all mandatory payroll taxes, provide workers’ comp coverage and unemployment insurance, as well as process the hire and payroll for the employee. Therefore, the cost to the university is often lower than hiring the employee as a university employee.
  • Qualified staff are available quickly.
  • The agencies have identified and tested staff so you do not need to recruit, test, and hire employees for temporary positions.
  • Easy to begin and end employment.
  • Terminating the employee is much less complicated. When the assignment ends, you simply need to notify the agency. If that the employee was not meeting your need they will provide you with another temporary employee as soon as possible, avoiding the need to identify another temporary employee on your own.

I already have identified someone to do work I need done. What should I do?

You can refer them to Performance Staffing and receive a reduced rate. If you would like to set the hourly rate to pay the employee, you can do so and the agency will simply charge you that rate, plus a fee to process the employee's payroll.