Frequently asked questions

What are the most commonly used publications for advertising?

Most departments choose to advertise their openings locally with The Arizona Daily Sun or statewide with The Arizona Republic. However, many other publications exist. Advertising interns work with the following publications regularly to fulfill the advertising needs of departments across campus:

  • The Arizona Daily Star
  • Circulation: Tucson and southern Arizona
  • The Arizona Daily Sun
  • Circulation: Flagstaff and northern Arizona
  • The Arizona Republic
  • Circulation: Phoenix metro area and most of Arizona
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  •  Circulation: Online and in-print to higher education institutions nationwide
  • The Navajo-Hopi Observer
  • Circulation: Flagstaff and northern Arizona
  • The Navajo Times
  • Circulation: Four Corners area and northern Arizona

What are the steps in the advertising process that I must go through? Do I have to write my own ad?

It is suggested that you write your own ad. However, if you would prefer, advertising interns will write the ad for you based on a generic outline that refers to the job responsibilities. After the interns receive or create the ad, it will be sent to you for your final approval. The content and appearance of the ad should meet your needs. 

What is the difference between a display ad and a line ad?

A display ad has the Northern Arizona University logo displayed at the top and it is placed with a border around the ad.

A line ad can run with or without the Northern Arizona University logo, but it runs with other line ads and does not have a border around the ad. 

What kind of information is contained in the ad?

Most ads contain:

  • the Northern Arizona University logo (required for display ads)
  • a job title and vacancy number
  • a job description
  • a list of minimum qualifications
  • an annual salary
  • an application deadline
  • a Northern Arizona University EE/OC Statement (required)

Most of these elements are optional and can be excluded based on the needs of the recruiting department. To reduce advertising costs the title, vacancy number, short description, and reference to the Human Resources website posting may be sufficient. To ensure potential applicants understand the job responsibilities and are qualified for the position before they apply more information should be included. 

What days are more popular for running employment ads?

For The Arizona Daily Sun, employment ads are generally run on Sunday. However, they can also be run on Wednesday. 

How does an ad usually run in the Daily Sun?

Ads run in the Daily Sun are run together in the General Employment Classifieds. All ads are run in a single display ad with the Northern Arizona University logo at the top. The cost of the ad is split equally by the number of ads. 

How will my department be billed for the advertising?

The cost of the ads will be charged to the area or organization specified on the Ad Request form. You will be billed with an IX. To view the breakdown of the charges you can use the Ad Request ID to access, review, and print the advertising expenses for each job vacancy.