The electronic personnel action request (ePAR) is the electronic form to process hiring, pay and termination transactions for all employees.

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A department initiator initiates the appropriate form for a specific transaction which is then electronically approved as it moves through the approval process. All those involved in processing a particular transaction can view the progress of the form and know its status at any point in time during the process. They will also be able to see who can work on or approve the form at each step. The completed form can also be viewed when the process is finished.

To hire a new employee or change an existing employee’s current job or employment status:

  • The department initiator enters the required information on the ePAR. For many transactions, the employee’s current information will populate automatically on the form. The initiator is prompted for only the information required to complete the specific requested transaction.
  • Once the ePAR is submitted by the initiator, it follows a prescribed approval path based on the type of employee and the transaction being processed. Approvers review and approve the form to move it along in the process.
  • After final approval in Human Resources, the information is automatically loaded into LOUIE.


Hire an Employee

This form is used for hires, rehires, and transfers.

Change an Employee's Existing Job

Use this form for all changes to an employee’s existing job, including:

  • FTE changes
  • pay rate changes

Change Employment Status

This form is used to:

  • terminate employment, whether from resignation, retirement, involuntary termination
  • place an employee on a leave of absence
  • return an employee from a leave of absence