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All classes listed below are open to all benefit-eligible employees! You must register for your seat in the classes below through LOUIE.  The course number is included for an easier search in the LOUIE system. 

**Newly added class**

The Psychosomatics of Feeling Good at Work: facilitated by Shawna Bowen, Academic Advisor, Extended Campuses (HR355)

Friday, August 7th 2:00pm - 4:00pm HLC room 2405

There has been a lot of research being shared in the mainstream media lately about how the body plays a major role in how we feel, offer first impressions, and develop confidence.  Join author and speaker, Shawna Bowen, as she uses the hit Ted Talk, Power Poses with Amy Cuddy, as a plat form to introduce the Psychosomatics of feeling good at work place.  Shawna will offer complimentary findings in the field of Psychosomatic Psychology to manage tough emotions, boost confidence and feel good.  She will offer an exercise at the end of the event that will instantly create somatic awareness and boost confidence.  Don’t miss this eye opening event that is sure to offer a new way of managing emotions, stress and self-awareness professionally as well as personally.


Hiring from your Gut: facilitated by the Human Resources Employment & Compensation team (HR339)

Wednesday, July 22nd 8:30am-10:30am HLC room 2405

How do you make the best hire for your open position? There are many pieces to the employment process and interviewing is one of the most critical. This class is designed for those employees who are involved in the interviewing and hiring of benefit-eligible staff. This class explores interviewing skills that help you find the best candidate for the job.  Also covered in this class are best practices on how to matrix candidates and getting the most out of reference checks.

Deeper Dive into the DiSC Profile: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager (HR343)

Tuesday, August 11th 8:30am-10:30am HLC room 2405   

This session takes the information from the basic DiSC profile overview and explores topics such as conflict and appreciation.  This class is for employees that have taken the DiSC personality profile and are ready to learn new ways of using it! **Please bring your profile with you to this class** You can take a free DiSC profile on the Tony Robbins website:    

Recognition: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources (HR353)

Thursday, August 6th 2:30pm-4:30pm HLC room 2405

Why is recognition so important? How often do you recognize your employees? There are many different ways to show appreciation for those who work with and for you.  Come learn the various “languages” of recognition and how to become fluent (or at least aware) of them.

Using ITS services to be More Productive: facilitated by the ITS Learning & Professional Development team (HR344)

Wednesday, August 19th 1:00pm – 3:00pm ITS bldg. 54, room 106

More than ever supervisors are being ask to do more with less. Come learn how Information technology services (ITS) can help you leverage technology to increase your productivity. 

Performance Appraisal Training (an overview of the process): facilitated by Marcia Warden, Employee Relations Manager (HR200)

Monday, August 10th  2:00pm – 3:00pm HLC 2405

This session will take you through the appraisal form and process, outline the implementation timeline and deadlines, and provide tips for making the performance appraisal efficient for both supervisors and employees. Appropriate for employees and supervisors alike since the tool will be used as the employee self-appraisal, as well as the supervisor appraisal.

Writing Performance Appraisals: facilitated by Marcia Warden, Employee Relations Manager (HR302)

Monday, August 3rd 1:00pm – 3:00pm HLC room 2405

Focusing on the classified staff and service professional performance appraisal, this session will outline key principles to help supervisors in synthesizing performance feedback information, looking for consistency between the narrative and the rating, selecting the wording that focuses on the behavior, and a few legal issues to avoid.

Leading Change: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager (HR332)

Thursday, August 13th 8:30am – 10:30am HLC room 2405

Change can be hard, yet it is the one constant in life.  This class will walk through the steps to take to successfully lead change, as defined by John Kotter in his book Leading Change.  We will also explore other best practices of how to help you and your team make the ever-transitioning world a little easier to navigate.

Difficult Conversations: facilitated by Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom, Project Director, Civic Service Institute (HR 204)

Thursday, July 30th 2:30pm – 4:30pm HLC room 2405

Everyone has them, those conversations that make your stomach churn and your headache just considering having them.  Well, this training will give you the tools to know when to have those conversations and how to structure them to accomplish your objectives.  Had a fight with a friend and still aren't speaking?  Want to ask your supervisor for a raise, but don't know how to even start?  Supervising a volunteer that has gone rogue?  Please come prepared to discuss the challenges of discussion. This training is based on the book by the same name.

Cultural Dexterity: facilitated by Yoleidy Rosario, Assistant Director, Inclusion and Multicultural Services(HR354)

Tuesday, August 18th 9:00am – 11:00am HLC room 2403

Cultural Dexterity is an engaging program that provides participants with concepts and skills required for working across diverse cultures, regardless of your personal background, customs, and beliefs. In summary, Cultural Dexterity provides practice towards building cultural sensitivity for a better understanding and acceptance of other cultures.

Conflict Resolution: facilitated by Shannon Arnett, Academic Advisor, Gateway Student Success Center (HR331)

 Conflict Resolution Strategies:

Join us for explorations of your most hot button issues and how to best resolve them from the standpoint of factors that are under your control.  Many layers and levels of solutions will be explored from personal to organizational conflict for faculty, staff, and supervisors. We will examine the generative power of conflict for positive change, as well as how to care for yourself in many a conflicting circumstance that honors personal and professional boundaries. 

 Wednesday, August 26th 9:00am – 11:00am HLC room 2405










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