Employee Tuition Reduction Program Request Process

 NAU employees and retirees will need to complete an e-TRP (formerly known as EARP) each term to request the tuition reduction benefit. All other NAU associated eligible individuals should contact Human Resources at hr.contact@nau.edu or 928.523.2223 for an application.

Effective with the Fall 2018 term the e-TRP will be open for submission 90 days prior to the first day of the term. Requests will continue to be accepted until the last day of the term.

 When the tuition reductions are posted

When the tuition reduction amount is posted to a NAU student’s account depends on the term. 

  • Fall: Once the e-TRP is approved, the first day the tuition reduction amount is posted to a student’s account is July 1st.
  • Spring: Once the e-TRP is approved, the first day the tuition reduction amount is posted to a student’s is January 1st.
  • Summer and Winter: Once the e-TRP is approved, the tuition reduction amount is normally posted to a student’s account with 48 hours of the approval

Review a calendar listing the submission and posting dates for the e-TRP


Employees from ASU or U of A should follow the tuition reduction process at their university, including any submission deadlines, even if they are requesting tuition reduction for a NAU student.

Process for ASU employees 

Process for U of A employees 

Before you submit an e-TRP make sure that...

The student is enrolled in classes 

Requests cannot be accepted if the student is not enrolled in classes. For assistance with enrolling in courses, please contact the Student Service Center at 1-888-628-2968.

You have the student’s ID number

For employees, your student id number is the same as your employee id number. If the request is for your spouse or dependent child, you must get the student id number directly from that student. A student’s ID number is confidential and NAU will not provide this information to anyone. Students can find their own student id number by logging into their MyNAU page.

Your spouse or dependent child must be listed as a dependent\beneficiary in Louie

If the request is for your spouse or dependent child, you should verify that the student (spouse or dependent child) is listed as a dependent/beneficiary in Louie. 

To view your dependent\beneficiary in Louie select go to Self Service -> Benefits-> Dependent/Beneficiary Info.

How to add a dependent beneficiary

Sign on to LOUIE Self Service 

  1. Select Self Service > Benefits > Benefits Summary 
  2. Click on the NAU Basic Life Benefit
  3. Click on the “Edit” Button at the bottom of the page
  4. Click on the “Add a New Beneficiary” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter required fields … Name Fields, Date of Birth, Gender, SSN, Relationship to Employee > Select “Spouse” or “Child” Note: unless the “new” beneficiary has been given a percentage allocation for the Basic Life Plan, they are simply a potential beneficiary. 
  6. SAVE


The e-TRP requires your spouse or dependent child’s legal name. For your request to be approved the name in LOUIE must match the name you enter in the e-TRP. For example if your spouse is listed as ‘JIM’ in LOUIE but you enter ‘JAMES’ in the e-TRP your request will be denied. You will need to change your spouse’s name to ‘JAMES’ in LOUIE before the e-TRP will be approved. 

Submit an e-TRP