Partner Assistance Program

Partner request form
Partner fact sheet

Northern Arizona University offers dual-career incentives for you and your legal partner to aid in successful recruitment and retention.


You are eligible if you can present evidence of your marriage, in the form of a marriage license. Alternatively, you may present evidence of three of the following:

  • reciprocal wills
  • dependent children
  • a co-habited primary residence
  • a joint banking or savings account
  • naming one another as primary beneficiaries of life insurance policies, pension, or retirement plans

The partner assistance program does not guarantee employment. Only qualified candidates will be considered and hired for open positions, and the university’s equal opportunity and affirmative action goals will not be compromised.

Partner hires will be made only with the approval of the hiring department or unit.

Partner Assistance Program procedures

You must follow the following procedures to be considered.

  1. You and your partner will need to submit the Partner Assistance Program Request Form and the Partner Fact Sheet to a Partner Assistance Program representative.
  2. The representative will review your form to make sure you and your partner are eligible for the program before forwarding it to the Office of Equity and Access.
  3. Upon approval from Equity and Access, the office sends a letter to the partner stating that the partner is a participant in the program. This letter may be attached to University applications for employment, and may also serve as a letter of introduction to other offices where partner benefits may be secured.
  4. The representative will also offer assistance to the partner with their job search, or to offer other assistance as appropriate.
  5. If partners are accepted into the program, they will be eligible to participate in all Northern Arizona University job postings, including internal postings.

Services and benefits for participants

Northern Arizona University will provide the following services and benefits to all participants in the Partner Assistance Program:

  • Cline Library services are available for partner
  • staff parking privileges (fees apply)
  • access to the Employee Assistance and Wellness Office: partners covered under an NAU benefit plan may access counseling services; all partners may access the EAW wellness series.
  • access to on-campus housing, when required for the primary employee’s job
  • access to recreation and other university facilities

Service for partners with academic qualifications

For those partners who have academic or faculty qualifications, the university may consider the following if appropriate and subject to the needs and approval of the affected department/unit:

  • adjunct faculty status in the appropriate department/unit
  • one-year renewable teaching-research fellowships
  • instructor or lecturer line
  • shared position
  • one-half to full time tenure track position

Responsibilities of the Partner Assistance Program

The Partner Assistance program will:

  • facilitate communication between upper administration, departments, and units and the employee/potential employee
  • be administered by the Human Resources Department with the advice of the Equity and Access Office
  • coordinate with other Flagstaff area employers and formalizing relationships with them to facilitate sharing of information
  • ensure that information about the Partner Assistance Program is made available to selection committees as requested