Vision Insurance

You are offered two vision options through Avesis.

Advantage Plan 

In a vision PPO, you receive the greatest benefit when you use providers included in the Plan's 'Preferred' network. You may use providers not in the Plan's 'Preferred' network, but you will need to pay for the services up front and then submit a claim to Avesis to receive the out-of-network benefit. 

Discount Program 

This program will provide each member with substantial discounts on vision exams and corrective materials received from provider that are in the network. There are no out-of-network benefits. Providers not participating in the program will not honor any of the discounted fees. The member will be responsible for full retail payment. 

If you do not enroll in the Avesis Advantage option you will be automatically enrolled in the Avesis Discount Program at no cost to you.  

Review the vision provider network

An important step in choosing a vision option is to go to the Avesis website and review the providers included in the network to make sure that they meet your needs.  Visit to review the Avesis network.  

2017/2018 Per Pay Period Vision Premiums


Coverage Level

You Pay

Employee Only


Employee +  Adult


Employee + Child