Life Insurance

Understand Your Options

You are offered three life insurance options through The Hartford and Aetna.  


In the event of your death, your basic life and supplemental individual life insurance benefit will be paid to your designated beneficiary. If you choose more than one beneficiary, you can define the amount paid or a percent paid to each beneficiary.

Primary vs contingent beneficiaries

An individual cannot be both a primary and a contingent beneficiary. 
  • A primary beneficiary receives 100% of the designated amount. 
  • A contingent beneficiary receives a benefit only if all of the primary beneficiaries are deceased.  
You may name more than one primary/contingent beneficiary and split the designated amount appropriately. If you split the designated amount, the total must equal 100%. 

Naming an estate or organization

If you are naming an Estate, or Organization as your primary beneficiary you will be required to provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a federal tax identification number used to identify a business entity. The EIN should be used in place of the Social Security number (SSN). You can obtain the EIN from the Trustee of the Estate or the designated Organization.

Changing your beneficiaries

It is important to keep your beneficiary information current. You may change a beneficiary and/or the designated amount for your current beneficiary through Self Service.

  • Log into LOUIE Self Service  
  • Select 'Self Service' 
  • Select 'Benefits' 
  • Select 'Benefit Summary' 
  • Click on a life plan (for example 'NAU Basic Life') 
  • Click on the name of a beneficiary to update their information
  • Click ‘Edit’ to add new beneficiary.
  • Save your changes before exiting.

Your options at termination

When you terminate employment, cease to be a benefit eligible employee, or retire, you have the option to continue your life insurance coverage. 
During the 31 days immediately following the termination of your life insurance, you may continue your current coverage or convert it from a term life policy to a whole life policy.  
For more information about continuing your life insurance please contact your provider: the The Hartford or Aetna Life Insurance Company.