Short Term Disability

You may purchase Short Term Disability (STD) through either The Hartford or Unum Provident for income replacement coverage for a non-work related accident or illness. There is a maximum benefit period of 26 weeks. Contributions are after tax so benefits are tax-free.

Note: The benefit amount, waiting period and premium of these two plans are very different.

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The Hartford 

Unum Provident 

Coverage amountsWeekly benefit of 66.66% of covered weekly base payWeekly benefit of 70% of covered weekly base pay
Benefits payableIf enrolled when initially offered
  • Injury: Immediately up to 26 weeks
  • Illness: On 31st day up to 22 week
  • Pregnancy: On 31st day to 42 day normally 
If enrolled after initial offering: Illness benefits payable after a 60 day waiting period and can continue for up to 18 weeks  
  • Illness or injury: On the 31st day up to 26 weeks
  • Hospitalized 24 hours or more: Immediately up to 26 weeks
  • Outpatient surgery: Immediately up to 26 weeks
  • Pregnancy: Immediately if hospitalized for more than 24 hours.  Normally 6-8 weeks is allowed based on medical condition and type of delivery.  
Exception: If you are deemed disabled 90 days prior to effective date of your coverage there may be a pre-existing condition exclusion.
Maximum weekly benefit$769.27 per week maximum benefit amount based on an annual salary of up to $60,000You may select one of three maximum weekly benefit amounts:
  • A - $750 based on an annual salary of  $55,714
  • B - $1,500 based on an annual salary of $111,430
  • C - $2,000 based on an annual salary of  $148,571
Open enrollmentYou may add or stop coverageYou may add, increase, decrease or stop coverage
Additional benefitsNone

  • $  5,000 of Term life insurance
  • $30,000 of AD&D coverage. 
To receive this benefit you must enroll & designate a beneficiary     
Monthly Premium Rate2017 - $.39 per $100 of coverage
$.71 per $100 of coverage

Compare benefit cost for short term disability coverage

When evaluating the cost of Short Term Disability coverage you need to look at the amount of income replacement provided for the employee premium paid.

  • The employee premium for Hartford is lower but so is the amount of income replacement the Hartford provides. 
  • The employee premium for Unum is higher but so is the amount of income replacement Unum provides.

Below is and comparison of income replacement provided and the employee premium paid for an employee with an annual salary of $36,000.

Benefit payment and total Income replacement


The Hartford

Unum Provident

Weekly Salary

($36,000 ÷ 52) = $692.31

($36,000 ÷ 52) = $692.31

Benefit Amount

($692.31 x .6666) = $461.49

($692.31 x .70) = $484.62

Paid Leave Received Through Payroll



Benefit Payment From Vendor

$461.49 - $150 = $311.49


Total Income Replaced

$311.49 + $150 =$461.49

$484.62 + $150 =$634.62

Employee premium calculation  


The Hartford

Unum Provident

Monthly Salary

($36,000 ÷ 12) = $3,000

($36,000 ÷ 12) = $3,000

Coverage Amount

($3,000 ÷ 100) = 30

($3,000 ÷ 100) = 30

Monthly Cost

30 x .39 = $11.70

30 x .71 = $21.30

Cost Per Pay Period



When you enroll though self-service your cost per pay period for each coverage amount you can elect will be displayed.

Additional information on the benefits provided through the Unum

Faculty sabbatical leave

The temporary reduced salary that comes with sabbatical leave affects your disability insurance coverage. If you become disabled while on sabbatical, your benefit payment will be based on your reduced salary and not on your regular 100 percent salary.

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