You can enroll your eligible dependents in medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Dependents are defined as:

  • your spouse (opposite sex or same sex)
  • your and/or spouse's children

Children are defined as:

  • biological children
  • legally adopted children
  • children placed for adoption
  • children under legal guardianship substantiated by a court order
  • foster children
  • children who are entitled to coverage under a medical support order

Children are eligible for dependent coverage until their 26th birthday regardless of employment, marital, school enrollment, or other status.

Documenting Dependent Eligibility


NAU reserves the right to verify dependent eligibility or to change employee and dependent eligibility requirements.


Change in Dependent Eligibility

If you have a dependent who becomes ineligible, you must remove them from your plan.  If the loss of coverage is due to a qualified life event, you can submit the change immediately.

Otherwise, you can make the change during annual open enrollment if you have neglected to do so as outlined in the qualified life event criteria.