Don’t Take the Bait

NAU employees and students continue to be a favorite phishing target for cybercriminals, especially at the start of the semester and during tax time.  It is important for all of us to avoid taking the bait.  Cybercriminals often send emails to NAU employees and students that mimic NAU emails, in an effort to obtain your credentials.  Once they have your credentials they can log into Louie, change your bank account information and redirect your paycheck. 

One of the best things you can do if you recognize that you have gotten a phishing email is to help protect others by reporting it at:  This provides the information to ITS so that they can investigate the email.

If you think you have accidentally clicked on a bogus link and given away your credentials it is important that you contact the ITS solution center at 523-1511.  They can help you with questions, help you change your password ( and review your account with you for fraudulent activity.

Some things everyone should be aware of:

  • E-mail attachments: A cybercriminal's #1 choice for spreading malicious software. Do not open unexpected attachments!
  • Hover to discover: Mouse over links in e-mail to reveal their true URL. Avoid getting phished—no hook for you!
  • Trust your instincts: Does that e-mail feel off? It probably is. Contact the sender to confirm it's legit.
  • Is it urgent? Slow down. Cybercriminals want you to do what you're told, when you're told. Think before you click.
  • Manage your social media carefully: Posting personal info online creates bait for scams and phishing.
  • Remember: Phishing is social engineering and it's not just for e-mail! You can get phished by phone or text message.