Change to Winter Closure: Tips for Managers and Employees

In order to meet the increasing needs of students and customers (both internal and external) while still allowing departments the flexibility to manage the unique work they must accomplish, the university will remain opened on December 27, 28, and 29. Eligible employees will still receive three days of paid holiday leave and the university will be closed on those holidays.

Here are some tips for managers and employees in making this transition:

Tips for Managers

• Recognize that this change will take some adjustment and people will feel the impact differently depending on work roles, preferences, habits, child care commitments, etc.

• Discuss with your department head and others in your area what the critical services and coverage needs are in your unit for the December holiday time.

   o Gather information early about who will likely work during that time and who will be requesting time off. 

   o Don’t create competition or conflict among your employees by making it a “first come, first serve” race. Gather all the information you can and make an informed decision. 

• Avoid scheduling projects or activities or essential meetings during the holiday time that make it more difficult for employees to take vacation.

• Listen to employees’ needs and be willing to look for creative solutions as you balance those individual needs with the department needs.

Tips for Employees

• Recognize that the change may require some adjustments in how the work is covered during the winter holiday time.

   o Be part of the conversation to help your co-workers and managers work towards the best solutions to meet everyone’s needs.

• Be clear about your requests and flexible as managers’ work to balance those requests in a fair manner. 

• Try to plan your vacation requests early so that your manager can make informed decisions with all the information available.

• Make sure you have approval to be off before booking airline tickets, hotels, etc.