Is it Time to Take a Vacation?

Take a moment to view your vacation accrual balances and plan for the coming end-of-the-year so you don't lose vacation time. 

To check your vacation accruals go the LOUIE Self-Service Center.

• Access LOUIE through NAU Homepage at
• Click on Quick Links in the top right of the page and select LOUIE.
• Enter your User Id and Password.
• Select 'Self Service' -> 'Payroll and Compensation' -> 'View Leave Balances'

You can carry forward one and one-half times your annual accrual rate into the next calendar year. If you have more than the maximum carryover amount, you will forfeit the overage. See accrual rates above for the maximum carryover amounts for each service category. (Appointed employees' carryover maximum is 264 hours.)

For more detailed information about how many hours can be carried forward and how you can calculate whether you might lose vacation time, visit the Vacation web-site.

For information on how you can donate excess vacation time, please see the details on the Compassionate Transfer of Leave program page.

If you have questions about this information, contact Human Resources at 928-523-2223 or at