Why Your Biweekly Pay Rate Might Look Different on July 21st

Each fiscal year the number of working days can vary between 260 and 262 days.  The increase or decrease affects the biweekly pay rates for employees who are paid an annual contracted salary amount (service professionals, academic professionals, post-doctoral scholars, faculty, and administrators who are paid over 12 months).  This change does not affect employees who are paid a straight biweekly rate (classified staff and biweekly temporaries) or “hourly” employees.              

For Fiscal Year 2018 the number of working days has decreased from 261 to 260 days so the above listed annual contracted salaried employees will see a slight increase (.382%) in their biweekly rate of pay for this fiscal year. 

 Example of pay rate differences:

      Annual Salary: $59,51           

            260 working days             biweekly amount              $2289.12

            261 working days             biweekly amount              $2280.34

            262 working days             biweekly amount              $2271.64

 For further examples and more information on how the pay period that crosses the fiscal years is calculated, visit https://nau.edu/human-resources/employee-resources/payroll-information/payroll/.