Finishing the 2016-2017 Performance Appraisal Cycle

The classified staff, service professional, and postdoctoral scholar appraisal period ended on June 30, 2017. Here are some tips and reminders about completing and submitting appraisals to Human Resources by the September 30th deadline.

What should be happening now:


  • Employees should write a self-appraisal and turn it into their supervisors.
  • There are two different self-appraisal formats to choose from:
    • Narrative version – no check boxes/rating
    • Ratings version – retains the rating check boxes
  • Employees may choose which one they prefer to use (unless otherwise directed by their supervisor). Visit the HR Forms Index to download.
  • Visit the Appraisal Form page for tips on writing the self-appraisal.
  • A July 12th Performance Appraisal Training (HR200) offers employees an overview of the appraisal process and the role they play in the process. Visit Register for Training to sign up.


  • Supervisors should be asking employees for their self-appraisal and preparing to write the final supervisor appraisals.
  • Please visit the HR Forms Index to ensure that you have the correct version.
  • A July 25th Writing and Delivering the Appraisal (HR302) offers supervisors guidance on writing the final appraisal and preparing for the meeting with the employee. Visit Register for Training to sign up.

 Visit the Appraisal Cycle 2016-2017 page for other resources including:

  • Supervisor’s guide to unique situations (transfers, new hires, new supervisor)
  • Sample forms and templates
  • Goal setting for the new 2017-2018 appraisal cycle

For more specific questions, employees and supervisors may visit the HR contact page and use the department contact drop down box to find your employee relations representative or you may email with questions.