Request of Absence Reminder

Compliance Reminder:

Employees (faculty and staff) and their Supervisors have specific obligations under NAU policies for accountable practices with regard to reporting time not worked.

Here are a few highlights of those roles and responsibilities:

  • It is the employee’s responsibility to submit accurate information when reporting the hours not worked such as sick time, vacation time (if eligible), compensatory time for non-exempts, or other forms of time not worked as outlined in NAU policy.
  • Employees are required to use approved university procedures and systems to accurately request time off and record all time that is taken. Time off work should be reported through the online timesheets within the LOUIE system. Access to the electronic form, FAQs and training videos/guides can be found on the Request of Absence (ROA) webpage.
  • The use of accrued vacation time must be approved by the supervisor. Employees should request vacation time from their supervisor in advance of time taken with sufficient prior notification to avoid scheduling conflicts and allow for continuity of operations.
  • Eligible fiscal-year faculty must use vacation time during periods that will not interfere with teaching or other instructional responsibilities (e.g. spring break, semester breaks and non-class periods).
  • Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that time not worked is requested, approved and recorded accurately and timely by their employees in the university’s request of absence system. All records of absence must be recorded no later than the pay period in which the time was used except for emergencies and in that case, recorded by the next pay period. Contact Human Resources for assistance if needed.