W-2 Copies

If you elected to receive your W-2 electronically, it was available for you to download and print beginning  January 8th.  You will be able to download and print a copy of your 2013 W-2 at no additional charge until October of 2014, at which point you will be charged a re-print fee of $8.

If you elected to have your W-2 mailed to you, these were mailed on January 24th to the mailing address listed in LOUIE.   If you elected to have your W-2’s mailed to you,  but need to obtain a reprint, you will need to sign up to receive your 2014 W-2 electronically which enables you to request a copy of your 2013 W-2 for an $8 fee. 

To obtain the re-print please take the following steps:

  1. Visit https://www.paperlessemployee.com/nau
  2. Create your own personal ID and password if you have not already done so.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to register for electronic delivery.