The Honors College Writing Center

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The Honors Writing Center provides one-on-one assistance to any Honors student for an assignment in any class, a project, a presentation, or any academic/personal writing need.  Tutors are Honors students who have been trained to offer help and insight on a variety of writing issues.  Skilled in a broad range of services, the tutors can focus on formulating a thesis, incorporating supporting evidence, strengthening topic sentences, moving from passive to active voice, organizing research, structuring a conclusion, brainstorming ideas, and more.  All Honors students are encouraged to come in for feedback at any stage in their writing process.

Making an appointment 

Send us an e-mail at  Please try to suggest two possible meeting times during our scheduled hours, and try to give us 24 hours advance notice.  We will respond quickly!

Meet the Tutors!

Katy Abbe

Katy is a senior studying English and working towards earning her Creative Writing certificate. She's a Christian and a connoisseur of cartoons, particularly Steven Universe and oldies like Danny Phantom. When not in the Writing Center or running around campus as a student or GURU, she can be found drinking Starbucks and either writing or reading. She loves fairy tales and mermaids and thinks The Little Mermaid is just wonderful. Her passion is stories and she hopes to be a writer so that she can make people smile with her words. She also hopes you have a delightful day filled with laughter and love!


Rachael Clifford

Rachael is a junior majoring in Strategic Communication double emphasizing in Advertising and Public Relations. When she isn’t trapped in the Communication Building, she enjoys hiking, running, and exploring Flagstaff.  Rachael also has an artistic side; she loves to watercolor, knit, and spends a little too much time doodling on her class notes. On a cold, snowy day, you can find Rachael binge watching Gilmore Girls, drinking tea, and wondering why she ever left her warm hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Rachael is thrilled to be a Writing Center tutor this year. She loves helping students craft the perfect thesis statement and strongly encourages the use of transitions and the thesaurus


Bailey Erwin

Bailey is a junior at NAU this year. She studies English, Spanish, Rhetoric, and Latin American Studies, and plans to pursue education. She is from Tempe, Arizona, but she spent many summers in Flagstaff during her younger years, and loves the atmosphere. She has an affinity for words, dogs, enthusiasm, semicolons, and all things sweet (especially cookies). Her knowledge of SpongeBob trivia and bargain-shopping will surprise and amaze you!


Kami Hagemeyer

Kami is a junior in the Honors College who is studying History with a minor in Art History. She is from La Verne, California -- a small town in the LA area. She has three cats back at home and wishes she could have them here at school. When Kami is not working on homework or going to class, she is probably reading. When she graduates, she plans on working in a museum or going into art conservation.


Joshua Johnson

Joshua is a sophomore studying computer science. Although his major is in the sciences, there is excessive research showing that he can write (upon occasion)! He loves to code for hours on end and becomes reclusive with the release of new coding projects. Once he finds the light of day again, he enjoys speaking Japanese and attending the NAU Japanese conversation table. In his spare time, Joshua likes to watch sappy Korean dramas, play video games, and meet new people; more importantly, he is in the process of creating an application that may one day rule the world. However, it is more likely that Martians vaporize Earth before this eventuality comes to pass, so the governments of the world have decided to overlook this small detail. If you were to tell him that static typing is better than dynamic typing, he would talk your head off and then some to prove that dynamic typing is superior in every way that superior can be defined. Joshua hopes to one day become a software engineer and a writer on the side, but for now he is deeply entrenched within the mathematical calculations necessary to get him there.


Brooke Langley

Brooke is a senior who is studying Special and General Elementary Education at NAU. She hails from the sunny city of Cave Creek, Arizona, and fled to Flagstaff to escape the heat. She has a mom, dad, younger brother, and two insane yet adorable Jack Russel Terriers that she misses terribly. When she has free time, Brooke enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on. She would gladly live in Bookman’s if given the chance. Brooke also likes listening to music and watching movies and television shows. Her favorite movie is “The Princess Bride” and her favorite show is “Doctor Who.” After graduation, Brooke plans to teach special education, but she might travel first. In the meantime, Brooke is really excited to work with Honors students on their writing!

Cezanne Rahner

Cézanne Rahner, typically pronounced SAY-ZON (or Tezvon and Seizen according to local Starbucks Baristas) is a Political Science major who dreams of ruling the nation and replacing the United States Constitution with a copy of Harry Potter. Cézanne hails from Tucson, AZ, and the magnificent New York City, and she spent her time divided between an apartment in Queens and a rural art ranch in the outskirts of Tucson. Her favorite rhetorical device is “synchysis” though she hopes students avoid it in Writing Center appointments for the sake of everyone’s sanity. If people really wants to make Cézanne’s day, they can just stop by the Writing Center to debate various topics such as the true nature of an East Coast bagel, Alexander Hamilton’s love life, or John Snow’s hair in Game of Thrones.


 Arielle Torricelli

Arielle is a sophomore working on a major in Creative Media and Film and a minor in English. She was born in Amberg, Germany, and has traveled ever since. Her current total of places visited is six countries and twenty-two states, although she hopes to steadily increase that number. When she isn’t braving the cold of Flagstaff, she lives in Peoria  with her family and a French Bulldog who thinks he’s a descendant of royalty. If she finds the time, Arielle enjoys reading books about far-away lands, listening to classic rock, and ruining films for her friends and family. She has an unhealthy habit of correcting grammatical errors, but she likes to think it’s for the greater good.

Barbara Youngs

Barbara is the Coordinator of the Honors Writing Center and has been involved with NAU Honors for 13 years. She worked as a writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, and has taught on the Navajo reservation (community college and high school) as well as for Honors.  Barbara is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, which probably explains a lot. She considers keeping the Brain Food jar full to be her most important job responsibility.  She and her husband have two sons -- one is a senior at U of A and the other is erecting the new NAU Honors College building.  After running a coyote buffet over the summer, their chicken count is down to two.  They also have really big dog. You’d think he could have done something to save the chickens, huh?