International study for Honors students

Opportunities to study internationally are limitless. As an Honors student, we want you to create an Honors quality study abroad experience. 

Maybe that is doing research in a lab in Germany, interning with an international organization in Africa, performing in a theatre group in Australia, or publishing the results of your honors experience in an international journal. Be a global Honors student.

Please take time to read through the questions and guidelines below, prior to applying for a study abroad program and meeting with an Honors adviser.

Steps to earning Honors credit abroad    


  1. Explore your study abroad options at the Center for International Education.


  1. Answer some preliminary questions that will help you prepare for studying abroad.


  1. Make an appointment with an Honors staff memberBe sure to answer the preliminary questions prior to your appointment.


  1. Bring paperwork you’ve completed for the Center for International Education to your appointment.


  1. Complete an Honors International Education Proposal.


  1. Be prepared to discuss the number of Honors credits you could earn (from 1 to 6 units), as well as the writing expectations required by the program while you’re abroad.