Studying Abroad

Questions to consider 

  1. What country do you want to go to for your study abroad experience?


  1. What specific program have you decided upon? Describe the nature of your proposed study abroad experience (i.e., classes that you’ll be taking, the timeline for your stay, and what extra-curricular activities you might participate in).


  1. What do you intend to glean, accomplish, and/or get out of your international education experience? Describe your reasons for going, your goals, and your motivations for studying abroad.


  1. If you are taking classes at a host institution, which of these courses do you think would constitute an “honors” experience, and why? Courses that convey an “honors” experience should ideally allow you to explore a topic in depth and breadth; such courses might also be taught in a foreign language and involve some significant cultural exploration relevant to the host country itself.


  1. Describe the specific non-curricular activities  and/or independently-arranged work that you plan to engage in while you are in the host country, such as:
    • internships
    • service learning
    • volunteer work
    • field trips
    • traveling
    • interviewing
    • independent research
    • independent study
    • guided reading
    • thesis work
  1. Will you be working with a faculty member at Northern Arizona University? If so, whom? What kind of contact will you be maintaining with this individual while you are at the host institution? Will this individual be abroad with you, or will this person remain at the university? What has this faculty member asked or required of you for your study abroad experience?