Is Honors Right for You?

 Students Chatting 

Our Honors students are committed to being standout citizens—to advancing their careers and to making a positive difference in the world at every turn. Does this sound like you? Then the Honors College is right for you.

Life as an Honors student

As an Honors student, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our distinguished Honors College faculty as you earn a degree with distinction—all the while enjoying an outstanding quality of life as part of our Honors community.

To get a feel for the kind of the environment you’ll be engaged in, browse through the housing options, events, and extracurricular activities available to you in our Honors Life  section, or visit our student profiles to see what people are saying about the Honors College.

Honors courses

Look through the Honors course information to learn more about the variety of courses available exclusively to Honors students.

Preview the Honors experience

Schedule a campus tour and mention you’re interested in the Honors College. You’ll have the chance to meet with Honors students, meet our program director, see our offices and learning communities, and even attend an Honors class.

Become an Honors student 

View the admissions requirements for more information on how to apply to the Honors Program.