Honors Profiles


Who are Honors students at NAU?

Emile Eich
Psychological Sciences, Class of 2019
Miss Indian NAU 2017
Graduated from Centennial High School in Phoenix

“NAU Honors has made my college experience feel like an adventure.” I’ve taken Honors class trips along the Colorado River and San Juan River with faculty Ted Martinez and Robyn Martin. These trips are so much more intimate and amazing than just reading about places you have never been.

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Honors offers small classes which has enabled me to get to know my professors better get more feedback about my writing. I chose Honors at NAU because I wanted to meet like-minded people that were serious about their education and want to learn more about the world.

As Miss Indian NAU I have a responsibility to promote cultural awareness and understanding of tribal/indigenous nations, support NAU’s Native American student organizations, and participate in programs that strengthen the retention of Native American students. I serve as a role model and leader to students at NAU and middle/high school students in Flagstaff and on the nearby reservations. 

Jacqueline Lyman
Biology and Spanish, Class of 2020
Studying abroad in 2019-2020
Loves backpacking in the Grand Canyon


“I chose Honors at NAU because I wanted to be a part of a close-knit community of ambitious students. I've met some of the most incredible and inspiring students and faculty here, and I attribute that to the unique learning environment that the Honors program provides.”  I highly recommend the NAU Honors program for any student looking for a rigorous and personalized education while receiving the benefits of attending a large university. I grew up in the Phoenix area, and I can say the commute to Flagstaff is a welcomed escape, Flagstaff truly feels like a world of its own.

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I found the Honors program to be the perfect combination of small, focused classes and extensive university resources. Being an Honors student has definitely changed my outlook and perspective on college. I never thought I could experience such a friendly and intimate atmosphere at a large university. Honors faculty are different from traditional university professors because they strive to cover materials beyond the surface level understanding and aim to reach more in depth, analysis based conclusions. The Honors classes that I've taken encouraged me to go above grasping general concepts, and inspired me to think critically and ask probing questions of my peers and myself.

Desirae Enriquez
Biomedical Science with minors in Chemistry and Psychology, Class of 2019
Lived in Honors Residence Hall, Ernest Calderón
From Rancho Cucamonga, California


“I chose Honors at NAU because I was impressed with the opportunities and resources that are provided to help us achieve our academic goals. I knew that Honors at NAU would give me the time, attention and material needed to further my education.”

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Honors hosts social programs such as BBQ's, coffee and hot chocolate study nights, donuts and coffee enrollment mornings, stress busters, trips to the Grand Canyon, camping trips and much more. These programs helped me meet more Honors students who had similar goals as mine and introduced me to some of my best friends today.

What Desirae loves about Honors at NAU

• Presentations that provide a broad outlook on world issues
• Small class size allows a personal connect with professors and feedback on assignments
• Free in-hall tutoring
• Honors writing center

Honors faculty have helped expand my thought process and taught me how to look at issues in a more diverse, analytical and debatable way. Honors classes are taught in a manner where it is not only interesting and fun to learn but also connects students with a further outlook on every day material around us.