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Honors photo gallery

Have you recently attended an NAU, Honors, or community event? Have you gone on any adventures with other Honors students? Have you experienced an awesome part of northern Arizona or the world? Share your photos and view others student and faculty photos at our Honors photo gallery —and while you’re there, vote for your favorite! 

HON 100 Facilitators

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New town, new faces, new places, new classes, new material, new expectations. You can help new students transition to college life by becoming an HON 100 Facilitator. If you’re an upper-division, highly experienced Honors student, you might think about applying.

In this one-unit Honors class, you’ll guide students through their university experience in general and the Honors College specifically. You’ll serve as a role model to first-year students and provide dynamic and relevant classroom instruction.

Responsibilities include: 

  • designing and implementing classroom activities based on a set curriculum
  • reading papers
  • providing appropriate feedback to students, and functioning as a member of a larger team of HON 100 Facilitators

Honors Ambassadors 

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If you’d like to represent the university and the Honors College at recruitment events and act as a personal contact and a general resource for prospective and current Honors Students and their families, consider being an Honors Ambassador. If you’re a current Honors student, you’re eligible to apply.

Responsibilities include: 

  • attending college fairs as well as individual high school junior or senior recruitment functions
  • communicating with admitted students, sending personal letters of congratulations and extending an offer of assistance
  • attending university functions for prospective students, such as on campus visits and high school junior events
  • meeting with individual students
  • attending a class with a prospective student
  • correspond with potential and accepted Honors students through email, phone, and mailings
Meet the current Honors Ambassadors.

Honors GURUs

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If you’re a returning Honors student who is committed to improving a sense of community within Honors, being an Honors GURU might be a good outlet for your desire to help. You’ll attend select HON 190 classes with another GURU throughout the semester.   

  • As a GURU, you’ll,
  • build a community within the classroom by contributing to discussion, facilitating activities, and serving as a resource to students.,;
  • help strengthen the relationship between the professor and student by encouraging communication in and outside the classroom;
  • foster community within the Honors College;
  • help first year Honors students become familiar with the university and the Honors College

Responsibilities include: 

 In the classroom 

  • contributing to class discussion
  • facilitating community building activities
  • serving as an academic resource to students

 Outside the classroom 

  • helping establish a social environment that includes all HON 190 students
  • promoting athletic events, lectures, films, concerts, and other outside of class activities
  • encouraging attendance at those events

Honors Program Assistant 

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If you’re looking for an on-campus job, apply for one right here in the Honors College. The Honors College Student Assistant position involves working in the Honors Office performing various clerical and administrative tasks for the Honors Program.

Responsibilities include: 

  • answering phones
  • responding to incoming questions
  • working on specific assigned projects that the Honors College coordinates throughout the year, like Early Enrollment Information Night, Honors Week events, and the Celebration of Academic Achievement

Honors Student Advisory Board

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If you’re looking for a leadership opportunity and want to make your voice heard, think about joining the Honors Student Advisory Board. The Board is relatively new, so details about the organization’s purpose are currently evolving.


  • provides student feedback to the Honors College administration
  • identifies, coordinates, and initiates events and activities for the Honors College and/or the entire campus
  • assists in developing Honors College initiatives

Honor Society: Phi Kappa Phi

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Phi Kappa Phi members represent the best and brightest from all academic disciplines—a community of scholars that is leaving an enviable legacy for future generations.

Membership in  Phi Kappa Phi  is by invitation and requires nomination and approval by a chapter.  

To be eligible for membership:

  • you must be an outstanding student of sound character and enrolled at a college or university with a chapter of Phi Kappa Phi
  • juniors must have completed at least seventy-two credit hours and rank scholastically in the top 7.5 percent (or higher, depending on local chapter standards) of their class
  • seniors must rank in the top 10 percent (or higher, depending on local chapter standards) of their class
  • graduate students must rank in the upper 10 percent of their class.
  • faculty, professional staff, and alumni who have achieved scholarly distinction may also be eligible for membership

If you think you meet the criteria described above and have not been invited to membership, you may contact an officer from your chapter.

The benefits of Phi Kappa Phi membership are: 

  • recognition for superior academic performance
  • respect in both academe and the job market. Graduate school admission committees, like employers, know Phi Kappa Phi members are serious about success
  • competitive awards, including graduate fellowships, study abroad and internship grants, national scholar and artist awards, and Promotion of Excellence grants
  • affiliation with distinguished members worldwide in all disciplines
  • leadership and networking opportunities at chapter, regional, and national levels

 How to identify an Honors society/organization 

Information being updated at this time.