Grand Canyon Semester: Student Experience

Student Experience 470

What was the most significant learning experience for you during Grand Canyon Semester?

It was the holistic learning style of the whole semester.  For once it wasn't about one thing or another, everything was tied together in one way or another.  Being able to view the issues from multiple angles really helped me feel I understood the region more than just through the eyes of the ecologist, anthropologist, or geologist, but instead, through I received pieces of all of their views.

  – Anonymous GCS 2012 student

What was the most informative, educational and eye-opening experience for you during GCS?

Learning the richness of the region.  When I was younger the Southwest didn't really appeal to me at all.  I didn't realize what I was missing out on.  Seeing all of the gorgeous sights and then learning the significance of them through all of our courses deeply rooted me in the places and issues we learned of and visited.  Again, this ties together with what I wrote in the previous section about the holistic learning experience.

– Anonymous GCS 2012 student

 (excerpted from final student course evaluations)