Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does “honors eligible” mean?

A. It means that we are looking for students who are up for an academic challenge.  You do not have to be enrolled in an honors program or college to participate in the semester, but we do need someone at your university to vouch for your academic motivation.


Q.  Do we have to live in the GCS housing?

A.  Basically, yes.  If a student had a extenuating circumstance that required living elsewhere, we would be open to working something out, but we want students to be able to hang out, study together, and live as a community during the semester.


Q.  Do I have to have a lot of outdoor experience to participate?

A. No, but you will have a lot by the end of the semester. 


Q. How do I get my GCS credits to transfer to my home university?

A.  We can send you syllabi from past semesters that you can share with your academic advisor at your university.  If possible, you should get the classes pre-approved for transfer to your school and major before participating in the semester.


Q. Can I bring pets?

A.  Sorry, but no.