Glenn Hansen, MA

Glenn Hansen Assistant Director, Part-Time Instructor
Northern Arizona University
Honors College
Phone: 928-523-0136


  • Community development theory
  • Sport and society
  • Baseball
  • Sustainability

I was born in Chicago and lived in the mid-west during most of my ‘formative’ years. I moved to Calabasas, CA (southern CA) and graduated high school there. I came to NAU as a Hotel Management major, but later changed my major (it does happen!) to History. My academic interests include US History, popular culture and media, and community studies. In addition to my work in Honors, I have been staff advisor for two honorary community service organizations for over 15 years. My personal interests include softball, vacationing at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, baseball (playing and watching), mountain biking, reading, watching movies, bike commuting, trail running, gardening, yard work (I can’t believe I wrote that, but I love it), community theatre (acting and set design), and hanging out with my wife and two very active kids.