George Gumerman

George Gumerman Dean of Honors College, Professor of Anthropology
Northern Arizona University
Honors College
Phone: 928-523-3498

Dr. George “Wolf” Gumerman, Dean of the Honors College and Professor of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University, is an archaeologist who applies his research to broader societal concerns, including collaborating with the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office to promote cultural preservation. Using archaeology and elder knowledge he worked to connect Hopi youth with their past. The collaboration produced four films and a museum exhibit that present the youth’s perspective on Hopi culture and history. Wolf also has a strong interest in food and culture stemming from his 20 years of research on the north coast of Peru and from his interest in sustainable food systems. He is co-founder and former co-editor for the journal Heritage Management and publishes primarily on topics related to prehistoric foodways. Wolf has taught a range of interactive courses on composition and literature, archaeology, theory, human evolution and food and culture.