Our depression programs

Free Mental Health Screenings

Talk to a counselor for free.

Not sure if you should talk to counselor? Concerned about a friend? Come to one of free mental health screenings where you take an assessment about your mental health. Then, talk to a counselor about your results and find out what to do from there. It's quick and free. Check out our calendar to see when the next free screening is.


Don't know how to talk to a struggling friend? Kognito can help.
Kognito is a 30 minute, interactive, online course that provides training on how to approach and discuss concerns with a peer who is in distress. Learn through simulated conversations, interactive environment and realistic role-play. Find out how to login here.

Campus Connect

Become a SafeJack
Become trained on how to identify signs of someone who is thinking of suicide, how to talk to them, and how to get them help. Find more information here, including how your group and become Safe Jacks.