The Well Woman Exam

The well woman exam is an important part of your health care—you can discuss and treat reproductive and other concerns with a professional.

What to expect

During the well woman exam, the nursing staff and/or your health provider will:

  • measure your height and weight
  • take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature
  • review your health history (fill it out online before your appointment)
  • talk with you about any concerns you may have

Your appointment may also include the following exams, which your provider will explain:

  • thyroid (for lumps or swelling)
  • heart and lung (for heart murmurs and lung sounds)
  • breast (for masses or changes)
  • abdominal (for pain or masses)
  • lower extremity (for vein problems)
  • pelvic (for pap smear and vaginal exam)
  • any other body parts you or your provider are concerned about