Marijuana Policy and Laws


NAU Policy

  • The possession, presence, use, sale, manufacture, cultivation, or provision of any type of illegal drug (barbiturates, opiates, marijuana, amphetamines, hallucinogens, etc.), or aiding in the use of such are not permitted in University housing and are violations of the statutes of the State of Arizona (Department of Housing & Residence Life Standards of Residence, 1.03-1)
  • The use, possession, or cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes is prohibited in University housing.   Although Arizona law permits the use of medical marijuana by those with an authentic prescription, state legislation and federal law prohibit the use, possession, or cultivation at educational institutions (like Northern Arizona University) who receive federal funding. For more information, please refer to the NAU Student Handbook: (Department of Housing & Residence Life Standards of Residence, 1.03-2)

  • Unauthorized use, sale, possession or distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drug or possession of drug paraphernalia that would violate the law is prohibited (Student Code of Conduct 5-308F.16)  

Arizona Law

  • DUI is possible if a person is driving under the influence of marijuana or has metabolites from marijuana in their system.  Metabolites from marijuana can stay in a person’s body for up to two weeks. (ARS 28-1381(A)(4))
  • Federal and Arizona State Law prohibits any person (including a medical marijuana cardholder) from possessing or using marijuana on NAU’s campus. (ARS 15-108 (A))