Red Cup Check Up

How Does Your Drinking Measure Up?

Our programs include Red Cup Check Up

What is RCCU? 

RCCU stands for Red Cup Check Up.  It is a brief alcohol-screening event, which assesses students’ risk based on their reported drinking behaviors.   Students complete a short alcohol survey and trained personnel from the Health Promotion Office score it. Nonjudgmental feedback is provided about individual risk level.  No judging here!  Risk reduction tips and resources are provided and you do the rest.  Responses are completely confidential.

When and where is RCCU? 

The Health Promotion office holds RCCU events throughout each semester.  The best way to find out when events take place is to check the Health Promotion calendar of events

Why should you schedule a RCCU event? 

It’s a great, simple way to do some alcohol education.  It’s not a lecture and it only takes a few minutes! RCCU and Brief Alcohol Screening Day will raise students’ awareness of their own drinking habits and promote risk reduction strategies.  RCCU can also be combined with a Stressbusters event! Send us an email to schedule one.