Prevent high-risk behaviors

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    Learn about our designated driver program SODAS, take an online alcohol screening, and find out about Red Cup Check Up! This is your one-stop resource for information on alcohol use. 

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    Do you have questions about marijuana? Read the latest research and explore resources. 

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    Find out about the effects of tobacco use and browse resources. Want to quit? We can help! Learn about NAU's proposed Tobacco-Free policy here!

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    Other Drugs

    Learn more about different types of drugs including bath salts, molly, meth, spice, inhalants, and steroids. 

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    21st Birthday Card

    Check out The Health Nuts' 21st Birthday Card program, designed to encourage students to have a safe and fun 21st birthday. 

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    SBIRT, or, Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment is an evidence-based, effective method used by CHS medical providers to identify and assist patients who misuse alcohol and/or drugs.  

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    Biennial Review

    Prevention and treatment for use or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can help you achieve academic excellence and lead a healthy life. Our goals are to promote a safe and healthy campus environment and advocate healthy choices emphasizing the elimination of illegal drug use, high-risk behavior, harmful use, and related violence. 

    2012 Biennial Review of our Alcohol and Other Drug Programs