NAU Counseling Services received APPIC membership approval on January 5th, 2018

NAU Counseling Services was awarded an APA Grant for Internship Programs in July, 2016

NAU Training Mission Statement

 Counseling Services (CS) works to enhance the psychological growth, emotional well-being, and learning potential of Northern Arizona University students.  As such, the training program has been developed with the mission and intention of assisting trainees with their transition into clinicians, while also providing the highest level of care possible to the students of NAU.  Trainees have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of services provided at CS as well as interact with staff and administration from our outstanding integrated health care system at NAU’s Campus Health Services. 

Counseling Services is one of three integral units housed within NAU’s Campus Health Services.  Along with Medical Services and Health Promotion, CS staff and trainees have consistent opportunities for collaborative consultation, outreach, and coordination of care to ensure the needs of the students and the NAU community are met.  Trainees play a vital role in the delivery of services and are considered integral to the operations of CS.  Consequently, trainees have many chances to refine their clinical skills and explore areas of specialized interest related to their future career as a counselor. 

Counseling Services’ multidisciplinary staff consists of psychologists, licensed professional counselors, social workers, Doctoral Psychology Interns, Master's Counseling Interns, and practicum students from NAU’s counseling program. Trainees at all developmental levels will have the opportunity to interact with members of our staff and benefit from our diverse backgrounds, education and training experiences.  

For more information about the NAU CS Training program, please contact the Training Coordinator, Dr. Carl Dindo at (928)523-2261 or by email at