Tree Campus USA

NAU is a Tree Campus USA!

The Tree Campus USA program helps colleges and universities around the country establish and sustain healthy community forests.

There are five standards required to become and maintain Tree Campus USA status: 

Standard 1 - Campus Tree Advisory Committee

A Campus Tree Advisory Committee comprised of members representing the diverse audience of those with a stake in campus trees is established and meets regularly.

Standard 2 - Campus Tree Care Plan

A Campus Tree Care Plan should be flexible enough to fit the needs and circumstances of the particular campus. The Tree Care Plan should be goal oriented and provide the opportunity to set good policy and clear guidance for planting, maintaining, and removing trees. It also provides education to the campus community, citizens, contractors, and consultants about the importance of the campus forest and the protection and maintenance of trees as part of the growth and land development process.

Read NAU's Tree Campus Plan

Standard 3 - Campus Tree Program with Dedicated Annual Expenditures

A college campus, to be designated a Tree Campus USA, must allocate finances for its annual campus tree program. Evidence should be shown that an annual work plan has been established and expenditures dedicated towards that work plan. 

Standard 4 - Arbor Day Observance

An Arbor Day observance provides a golden opportunity to educate the campus community on the benefits of the trees on their campus property and in the community. The Arbor Day observance can be on the campus or held in conjunction with the community where the campus is located. Your observance may be held at an appropriate time for your campus as long as it is related to trees in some way.

Standard 5 - Service Learning Project

The Service Learning Project should be an outreach of the spirit of the Tree Campus USA initiative. This project should provide an opportunity to engage the student population with projects related to trees and can be part of a campus or community initiative. 

Meet NAU's Campus Tree Advisory Committee:

• Phillip Patterson, NAU Greenhouse Manager,
• Ellen Vaughan, Manager, NAU Office of Sustainability,

• Tom Kolb, Professor of Forest Ecophysiology, Graduate Coordinator for the School of Forestry,

• Trent DeBaere, Graduate Student in Science Teaching,

Facility Employee
• Ralph Padilla, Manager, Facility Services, Grounds Department,
• Susan Dietrich, Supervisor, Facility Services, Grounds Department,
• Wayne Klutinis, Arborist, Facility Services, Grounds Department,

Community Member
• LeeAnn Beery, Arizona State Forestry, Staff Forester - Flagstaff

Please let us know if you are interested in joining the committee, email:

2016-2017 Academic Year Events
April 28th, (Arbor Day!), North Campus Tree Walk 
October 9-15, Installation of Tree Tags on N. Quad

2015-2016 Academic Year Events
Earth Day, April 22 we celebrated Arbor Day with a North Campus Tree Walk
Tree Inventory on South Campus, September 28, Tom Kolb held a service day to assist with NAU's Tree Inventory program

2014-2015 Academic Year Events
April 22 (Arbor Day!), North Campus Tree Walk
May 30, Arizona Tree Climbing Championship on North Quad