Sustainable Landscape Team

Soil samples being analyzed for nutrient content.

Research Team

Many dedicated students from diverse backgrounds worked on the Sustainable Landscape Maintenance project since January 2011. Reflecting a variety of majors, they shared an interest in making our campus landscape cleaner, healthier and more sustainable. Because of their vision and hard work, the methods developed in the project have been adopted on 1/3 of campus lawns, and spraying with hazardous herbicides has been discontinued on all campus lawns. Special thanks to Mayleen Farrington who worked as Research Coordinator, then Implementation Coordinator from the project's beginning in 2011 through its completion in 2014.

Congratulations and thanks to all of the students who worked on this project and made this possible!

Research Coordinator

Mayleen Farrington - Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities


Paul Gazda - Web Developer, Staff Specialist, Information Technology Services

Facility Services Partners

Ralph Padilla – Manager, Landscape and Outdoor Services

Susan Dietrich – Lead Groundskeeper

Previous Team Members

These students worked on the Sustainable Landscape Maintenance project

Representing a variety of majors including Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Forestry, Education, Civil Engineering and Computer Science, their interest, enthusiasm and hard work helped make this a successful project.

Noah Anderson

Jerod Benefield

Robert Brulles

Sean Canterbury

Charles Chavez

Nelson Cody

Dominique Diadoo

Breanne Fortin

Emily Gaddo

Rob Helmkamp

Miles Hegg

Matt Kirkpatrick

Ashley McCleney

Kyle McDermott

Brandon Merz

Lyman Paul

Kilian Peck

Junfeng Qian

Kelly Slutz

Tiffany Trunnell 

Alyssa Vogan

Special thanks to the two students who developed the original Green Fund proposal for this project in 2010

Bobby Benedetto

Liz Erdelyi