Project Status - Knoles 2012

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Our second season of research is nearly at an end – and it has been a busy time! While we lost our Ardrey sites to construction, we brought the Knoles sites fully on board with complete data collection and research treatments. These sites, referred to as KT and KC, are in front of the parking garage: the test site (KT) is right next to the garage entrance, making it an excellent place for the public to see our work.

Knoles is one of our most "challenged" sites when it comes to turf health and aesthetic appeal: the soil is highly alkaline and has little organic matter, and the grass has been sparse and thin at best. This year, it was further impacted by a broken irrigation system. Our first treatment was to experiment with removing the 3 clover patches by hand-digging, and then overseeding with a native grass blend. At this time, two of the three patches have not reestablished but instead filled in nicely with grass. The third patch showed some clover return on half of the patch, with grass outcompeting the clover on the other half.

We also treated the entire test site with organic compost to improve soil structure and increase water absorption, then overseeded to increase grass density and introduce grass species more appropriate to our climate. When compared to the control site (KC), the results were obvious = dense green grass!