How to Find Us


The SSLUG Garden is located on the South side of Social and Behavioral Sciences West, building #70, on campus.

Driving and parking directions

From downtown

Head S on San Francisco; enter campus at Franklin and continue South until you reach Pine Knoll Drive (Skydome on your right). Turn right, and continue on Pine Knoll Drive until you reach Huffer Lane (second stop sign). Turn right, and parking will be on your left within 1/2 block. Garden is located beyond cedar rose arbor.

From Milton:

Take McConnell Drive to enter campus (near Walmart); turn right at stop sign onto Pine Knoll Drive; within 1 block (stop sign at bus stop) turn left onto Huffer Lane. Parking within 1/2 block to your left at the end of Huffer Lane. Garden is located beyond cedar rose arbor.